MLS third-largest New York lobbyist in 2012

The Associated Press has reported on the top New York state lobbyists of 2012, and guess who’s in third place, right after a pro-Gov. Andrew Cuomo business group and Exxon-Mobil?

Major League Soccer spent $2,102,910 to lobby New York City and state officials to build a new pro soccer stadium, according to its filings with the commission.

That’s a decent chunk of change, though of course when there’s free public land and $100 million in property tax breaks at stake, a couple million for lobbyists is a relative drop in the bucket. Mostly, it’s a sign both that MLS is really, really serious about wanting a stadium in Queens, and that local elected officials remain really, really dubious about handing over public parkland for the project. And that MLS recognizes how things get done in New York politics.


3 comments on “MLS third-largest New York lobbyist in 2012

  1. If you throw enough money at the legislators/legislative process you can get anything done.

  2. The tax breaks MLS gets should be deducted from the amount they spend on lobbying, but we all know how public “servants””work” in NYS.

  3. MLS already has the Red Bulls, and I know they have two in the L.A. region, but why are they so committed to NYC? Conjuring up memories of washed-up Pele? The league is a joke, they don’t even have a team in the southeast. Florida is missing, Atlanta. I guess they are planning on expanding to an absurd amount of teams. This league is the USFL. I watch the Rapids at home and away, mainly of t.v., and the seats are pretty empty, almost everywhere.