Using tax money for Rays stadium is only thing less popular in Florida than Jeffrey Loria

The last time we had a poll about the Tampa Bay Rays‘ never-ending stadium quest, residents were opposed (50-41%) to using any public money even if it didn’t affect their own taxes, and their favorite site for the Rays was for them to stay put at Tropicana Field rather than building anything new. That was way back in December, though, and since then feline prognosticators have the Rays the favorite to go to the World Series. So how do people in the Tampa area feel about spending tax dollars on a Rays stadium now?

An overwhelming majority of registered Pinellas voters oppose using tax dollars to construct a new stadium for the Rays. 63% of those surveyed oppose using public funds to build a new Rays baseball stadium in Pinellas County, while only 27% support the idea.

Even when asked if they would support using EXISTING bed tax income to build a new Rays baseball stadium, build a new Clearwater Aquarium, or for Gulf Beach Renourishment, only 24% of respondents support dedicating this money to a new Rays stadium. 41% of voters say they would prefer the bed tax money to go to beach renourishment.

That’s pretty overwhelming. Not that it’s going to stop Rays owner Stuart Sternberg from doing it anyway, though, because after all, he believes in baseball.

5 comments on “Using tax money for Rays stadium is only thing less popular in Florida than Jeffrey Loria

  1. *It was only Pinellas Co residents polled, who already have the stadium. Hillsborough residents would undoubtedly feel stronger about using bed tax collections on a stadium.

  2. Noah: Gut feeling, how do you think the mayoral election in St Pete will pan out this August? I don’t see the issue gaining any traction as long as Bill Foster is still in office

  3. This is amazing…. I didn’t think anything could be less popular than Jeff Loria and boywonder.