Because the Vikings stadium deal didn’t have enough gambling involved already: Racinos!

The scramble to find a new revenue stream to pay for the Minnesota Vikings stadium has included just about every gambling-related activity known to humankind, but sadly has omitted the most-fun-to-type previously floated source of Vikings funds, racinos.

Until now!

Rep. Tom Hackbarth, R-Cedar, and John Derus, a board member of the Running Aces harness track in Columbus, are promoting the idea of installing slot machines and additional electronic games at the state’s two tracks — Running Aces and Canterbury Park in Shakopee.

The problem with racinos — man, do I love that word, probably because it reminds me of this — remains the same: It would horn in on income currently earned by Native American tribal casinos, which would almost certainly sue. As Gov. Mark Dayton said of the racino idea last year: “Passage of racino legislation to fund a new stadium is speculative. Even if it were to pass, several years of litigation in federal courts should be expected. Proceeds from racinos could not provide the assured revenue stream to back state-issued bonds until that litigation was resolved.”

Of course, the bonds are already about to be sold, so there’d be nothing stopping the state from issuing them and then hoping that racino money would come pouring in once the litigation is over. It couldn’t work out much worse than Minnesota’s last leap of faith.

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3 comments on “Because the Vikings stadium deal didn’t have enough gambling involved already: Racinos!

  1. No, no, no. Everybody knows that creating new gambling opportunities that specifically subsidize sports venues result in new money magically appearing out of nowhere. We learned that in Maryland long ago.

    The tribal casinos would sue? Do they have some kind of exclusivity agreement with the state? Otherwise…

  2. Maybe the NFL just needs to find a way to be given the status of a recognized tribal nation themselves. Would probably help with the non-profit/no tax situation. Look at their long history as Indians (ok, not so long with them) and Redskins and Chiefs . A very long history of claiming the iconography of tribal nations and exploiting them…. time to go all in.

  3. Well, when you’ve already created a new form of gambling specifically to ‘create’ new wealth to pay for a football stadium and that hasn’t resulted in any net funding, what else is there to do but create another?

    How about a supertax on all other hotel and rental car surtaxes? Or do like my regional authority does… when you pay your business taxes (or file your annual return) you can’t send them or hand deliver them directly. You MUST pay a fee to a designated government approved agency to “receive” them on behalf of the government.

    What luck that RECO statutes don’t apply to governments…

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