Vegas finally kills a stadium plan, only two or three or twelve left to go

You can officially stick a fork in Chris Milam’s insane plan to build multiple stadiums and arenas near Las Vegas, which turned into an insane plan just to get the land and built who knows what, as the Bureau of Land Management has terminated the sale of 480 acres of federal land that Milam was seeking. And it only took six months after Milam backed out of his stadium plans, claiming his Chinese lenders who make surveillance equipment had nixed the deal, four months after the city of Henderson sued Milam for fraud, and two months after Milam settled the suit by passing the land purchase on to his lenders and agreeing to be banned from doing business with the city. Because, you know, you don’t want to rush into anything.

Las Vegas will now have to console itself with MGM’s arena plan, and UNLV’s football stadium plan, and probably a couple of other stadium or arena plans that I’m forgetting, maybe some of these. Because there’s nothing that the nation’s 40th largest TV market (just behind Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo!) needs more than some new sports facilities for all the major-league teams that it doesn’t have.

4 comments on “Vegas finally kills a stadium plan, only two or three or twelve left to go

  1. I still think a new arena that can house football makes too much sense not to happen. If they can partner with MGM-Mirage then UFC International Fight Week, 1+ labor day college football game(s), a Mexican Independence Day fight and the Mountain West (or maybe even Pac 12) football title games will be yearly events. I think that’d generate enough to justify the building. What is the debt service on $800M? About $50M/year? I think they’d get that increase before even counting UNLV games.

  2. Four events a year, 80,000-seat stadium … that would take selling out every one of those every year at profit margins (not face values) of $150 a ticket.

  3. …oh, there you go with math, logic and all that learnin’ stuff again Neil….

    The other problem with Las Vegas is that anything ‘sports purposed’ built there takes people and dollars out of the casinos. So it’s hard to envision the casinos getting on board with that…

  4. @John Bladen. Casinos would fight it sure, but it’s debatable how much effort they would need to put into such a movement. The millions of visitors that come to Vegas ain’t gonna watch a sports team. And the general population of Vegas doesn’t make the average salary that enables discretionary spending on things like 8 football games or 40 basketball games a year. And none of the pro sports managers are going to allow a team there anyway. Ain’t happening, no way no how.