Emanuel to propose $300m DePaul arena/convention center/maybe casino using public money

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel may have held firm on not spending public money on Wrigley Field renovations (though giving the Cubs tons of other free public goodies is another story), but that’s apparently not going to stop him from announcing a $300 million, 12,000-seat arena for the private Catholic school DePaul University that could also be used for conventions and maybe a casino and, and…

No details, including of how all this would be paid for, will be available until Emanuel’s official announcement later this week. In the meantime, go look at Wrigley Field made out of Legos, it’ll make you feel better.

5 comments on “Emanuel to propose $300m DePaul arena/convention center/maybe casino using public money

  1. The city of Chicago is bending over backwards to build DePaul an arena for 20 dates or so a year? What are they going to do with it the rest of the year? The city is already so overrun with arenas (United Center, Rosemont Horizon, Sears Centre, UIC Pavilion, Gentile Center, whatever they call the arena at Chicago State) that the facilities are fighting each other to get WNBA and AFL teams as tenants – DePaul MBB as well…I vaguely remember Reinsdorf and Wirtz make a pretty strong offer to get them in the UC a couple of months ago.

    If I’m Tom Ricketts, this is the last straw. I’d start seriously considering Rosemont’s offer.

  2. @ Dave. AGREE 100%! DePaul is NOT “appointment” basketball…and hasn’t been in DECADES (if it ever was).
    There simply is NO demand for the product they’re selling.
    How Emmanuel can have the testicular fortitude to give the middle finger to Ricketts/the Cubs, while simultaneously opening up the purse strings for DePaul is reprehensible.
    Reinsdorf offered up the United Center…why can’t DePaul play there? Oh, and how FUN for students to travel from uber congested Lincoln Park South to McCormick Place.
    This idea is all kinds of ASININE.

  3. I’m far from a religious person, but I understood that the Bible records Christ’s objection to usury… a church casino? Really people?

  4. Are the dates at the Sears Centre or the Allstate Arena so booked that their are no available dates for DePaul University’s basketball team? I find that hard to believe.