Dolphins probably would have lost stadium referendum anyway

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross might not want to point too many fingers at Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford for killing his stadium renovation subsidy referendum, now that it looks like the referendum was likely to go down to massive defeat anyway:

A majority of Miami-Dade voters who cast ballots in the special stadium election before it was called off opposed the $350 million makeover, according to a count the elections department released late Tuesday.

The tabulation showed that among the 60,678 voters who voted by mail or at early-voting sites, 34,780 — about 57 percent — opposed the Dolphins’ proposal, compared to 25,898 — or 43 percent — who favored it.

Early voting doesn’t always match up precisely with later voting, and Ross still would have had a week and change to gear up a major ad campaign to press for “yes” votes. But it’s another sign that this spring’s whole campaign was a tremendously uphill battle, and way more likely to be the opening salvo in a years-long stadium war than something that anyone, Ross included, seriously thought would succeed on the first try. Remember, the thing about stadium campaigns is that team owners can lose as many times as necessary, so long as they eventually win once.

One comment on “Dolphins probably would have lost stadium referendum anyway

  1. I should be astonished that the Yes vote was anywhere near 43%… but then, this is South Florida we’re talking about.