Browns stadium renamed, public owners get squat

They started changing the signs on the Cleveland Browns stadium this weekend, from Cleveland Browns Stadium to FirstEnergy Stadium, which as you’ll know if you’ve been reading FoS is because new owner Jimmy Haslam sold the building’s naming rights for $6 million a year, none of which he’ll have to share with the taxpayers who actually own the stadium

Meanwhile, NBC Sports blogger/NFL mouthpiece Mike Florio decides that this is a perfect time for a quip:

Earlier this year, new owner Jimmy Haslam sold the naming rights to FirstEnergy.

Hopefully no discounts or rebates were involved in the transaction.

Get it, see, because FirstEnergy is an electricity company, and they like to offer discounts and rebates to their customers! [UPDATE: Or maybe because Haslam has his own problems with rebates — thanks to commenters for pointing this out.] And also, the idea of discounts and rebates being involved in a sports stadium deal is so unheard-of, it’s hilarious!

3 comments on “Browns stadium renamed, public owners get squat

  1. Perhaps being associated with the Browns can help their corporate image enough to be worth $6 mil a year (or they’ll just raise rates on ohio electricity). cue, We’d don’t care. We don’t have to. Because we’re the electric company.

    *cough* 2003 blackout
    per wikipedia “According to the Multinational Monitor magazine (November/December 2006), First Energy was named one of the “10 worst corporations.”

  2. I believe the discount/rebate joke is because Haslem’s truck stop company is being investigated by the FBI for fraud in a fuel rebate scheme.

  3. Thanks, Jon, I stand corrected. Can’t tell the rebates without a scorecard…