Latest state-of-the-art stadium enhancement: Smell-o-vision

The most remarkable part of this DNAinfo article on how the Brooklyn Nets are pumping a “signature scent” into the Barclays Center isn’t that the Brooklyn Nets are pumping a signature scent into the Barclays Center, nor even that the Brooklyn Nets have a signature scent. No, it’s that sports teams have apparently been spritzing perfume at you for a while now without your knowledge:

That cocoa-drenched cloud you inhale when you walk into the Times Square Hershey’s store isn’t candy — it’s ScentAir.

In recent years the company’s olfactory empire has expanded to include sports venues such as the Dallas Cowboys’ and Atlanta Hawks’ stadiums. At the St. Louis Rams’ stadium the air is redolent with a “cotton candy” fragrance that’s meant to “create a positive first impression for fans,” a team spokesman told

It’s only fitting that the Nets are resorting to this, given that they were among the first franchises to pipe in fake crowd noise to make it sound like fans were actually cheering. Nobody’s allergic to loud sounds (okay, maybe Roger Miller), though, unlike smells — you have to wonder if the first sports-fan lawsuit against smell-spritzing can be far off.

6 comments on “Latest state-of-the-art stadium enhancement: Smell-o-vision

  1. Good thing people in Brooklyn have never worried about bioterrorism agents dispersed through air vents. Otherwise this could alarm some people.

  2. But is this the new standard? State-of-the-Art clauses can be invoked to pump clouds of signature scents into stadia…. ahead of holographic replay technology.

  3. Why not get the dollar ink/paper scent from the bureau of engraving and call it the “smell of your money disappearing”…

  4. We’re going to have a signature scent at the Jawa Sandcrawler stadium. Eau De Jockstrap. Mmmmm!

  5. Don’t know if it’s a bug in my phone or your site, but I’ll be darned if I can submit comments to this site from my Android phone. Thought you might want to know.