Become an FoS Supporter, get guaranteed better returns than Miami got on its Marlins stadium

It’s been a while since I’ve asked FoS readers for any contributions to keep this website going. A long while back I had a tip jar that many of you folks generously donated to, and while it was a huge help in my never-ending campaign to pay myself at least minimum wage for the hours I put in here, I never quite felt right about just asking for money and not giving back anything more than a brief thank you.

For those of you who read FoS regularly and would like a way to support the cause, you can now become an FoS Supporter. Members will get not just the warm glow of knowing that they’re enabling me to keep on reporting daily on stadium and arena news while silencing the voice in my head that says “Shouldn’t you be doing real work?” but will also get the ability to place an ad in the top-right banner space, which will be viewed on a rotating basis with no more than nine other ads. Messages can be anything from “I Support Field of Schemes and I Vote” to “Read My Website, It’s Way Better Than This One” or anything else that will fit legibly in a 90×250-pixel space. (You’re welcome to send me your own display ad, or I’ll design one for you if you send the text.) I do retain veto power over needlessly offensive or inaccurate messages, so “Jeffrey Loria Is a Booger Brain” would be ruled out of order. Probably. Unless you could provide citations.

The membership fee is just $50 for six months in the Supporters’ Corner, or $100 for a full year. Stated in traditional fundraising-drive cups of coffee, that’s only one cup of coffee every five days. Or, if you prefer, “Sure, I can give him 50 bucks once, I’ll just let somebody else sign up after my six months are up, and read for free then like always!” Group memberships are welcome, too, if you and some friends want to pool your pocket change and sign up that way.

Either way, your support will be greatly appreciated, since Google Ads and the occasional book sale don’t go very far. (Not that I wouldn’t welcome more book sales — and then you get an actual physical object! Or a non-physical object if you go for the cheaper electronic edition!)

To join, just click the big button below. Thanks in advance for your support.


8 comments on “Become an FoS Supporter, get guaranteed better returns than Miami got on its Marlins stadium

  1. Ok, Neil, done deal – even though you did exercise a preemptory on the phrase I was going to suggest… can anyone prove that Loria isn’t a boogerbrain??? Plenty of anecdotal evidence to support this contention, I would have thought…

    Say, you wouldn’t be interested in supporting the campaign to crowdsource/fund the purchase of the alleged Rob Ford crackpipe video, would you?

    I know, I know, this effort actually supports drug dealers. But is that any different than supporting billionaire scumbag welfare cases with stadium subsidies????

  2. Thanks, John! And for those who want to support Gawker in buying a video of the mayor of Toronto smoking crack from some drug dealers, the wonders of the Internet make that possible:

  3. Ah, the internet. It’s not just for pornography anymore. I guess.

    Up here the news is just full of Ford family non-denial denials… it’s endlessly entertaining (what with that and our senators double billing their expenses and claiming allowances for houses they don’t even visit much less live in).

    Note to future Mayors: You might think your chosen drug dealer is your friend. But you still shouldn’t trust them. Same goes for the police psychologist, I understand.

  4. Don’t be too hard on the mayor, I believe he was just trying to reduce the amount on drugs available on the street.

  5. By the way, thanks everybody who’s signed up so far! Not only do I now have some cash in my Paypal to fund my FoS time for the next few months, but my banner space looks much nicer with your exceptionally classy ads.