Eagles announce stadium upgrades, don’t announce public subsidy request, but will

The NFL approved league G-4 stadium funding yesterday for the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, and Philadelphia Eagles, as part of the expected shares of new or renovated stadiums that — whoa, wait, the Eagles? What are the Eagles doing on that list?

“We are excited to have received league support today for our stadium revitalization project at Lincoln Financial Field,” said Eagles President Don Smolenski. “We will share the details of this project with our fans in the coming weeks.”

And not just with fans, one hopes, but with Philadelphia legislators as well, since one of the conditions of the G-4 program language is that any funded projects must be “public-private partnerships.” So the only way this is going to work is if the Eagles seek some public money for upgrades to 10-year-old Lincoln Financial Field. If those cost $60 million to $100 million as previously projected, then we’re talking about $30 million to $50 million in public money. It’s the sort of thing you’d hope that any of the numerous articles about the renovation plan would have mentioned, but I guess it’s a lot to expect today’s newspaper journalists to think outside the press release.

4 comments on “Eagles announce stadium upgrades, don’t announce public subsidy request, but will

  1. Terrific! It’s a gigantic victory for the city of Philadelphia. I mean, heck, let’s continue to lay off teachers and policemen. Let’s continue our $100 billion public transportation deficit. Let’s continue to have the dilapidated public transportation in the first place. Heck, let’s just give all of the money to the Eagles and rename City Hall: Comcast Spectacor presents: Philadelphia City Hall.

  2. The Jets and Giants both got G-3 funding without any public funding for their stadium.

    The requirement is private funding, they assume there will be public funding but that is not required. You should know this stuff.

  3. I do know this stuff. They added a requirement for public funding when they switched from G-3 to G-4. This was one of the arguments Stephen Ross made for demanding public money from Miami for the Dolphins.

  4. 10 years old? That’s ANCIENT! My god we need to renovate our palace in Philly. More gold plating in the suites. Now.

    Pony up, plebes. Your NFL masters have come ‘a callin’!