El Paso stadium so awesome it created economic growth before it was even planned

There’s an old rule that the best way to read the New York Times is backwards, because the articles generally hide the most important information at the end. So let’s try that with yesterday’s article on the new Triple-A baseball stadium being built in El Paso:

  • El Paso is in the “very early stages” of redeveloping its downtown, according to a local real estate executive.
  • Downtown El Paso is already on the upswing, thanks to Mexicans from Ciudad Juárez across the border who visit to avoid rising violence in their home city.
  • “Local investors have been transforming disused downtown properties into rental apartments, restaurants, bars, retail shops and office space for several years.” This “was going to happen” with or without a baseball stadium, according to one local developer.
  • The $50 million baseball stadium to bring the current Tucson Padres (as yet unnamed in El Paso) to town, for which the city is spending $35 million and tearing down its City Hall, won’t even open until next year.
  • The headline: “Baseball Stadium Bolsters El Paso’s Resurgence.”

Yup. Backwards.

2 comments on “El Paso stadium so awesome it created economic growth before it was even planned

  1. El Paso is tearing down it’s City Hall to build a baseball stadium. A ridiculous idea. Um……… was their no other location for this new baseball stadium?

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