DePaul faculty, students protest Emanuel’s proposed arena deal

The list of people in Chicago who think Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to spend $125 million on a new basketball arena for private DePaul University — which already includes pretty much everyone in Chicago, especially those who are already outraged by Emanuel’s plan to close 50 city schools to save money — can now add some new members: 24 DePaul professors who say that spending $70 million in university money on the arena is “wildly out of line with other university priorities.” According to DNAinfo:

The letter focuses on DePaul’s fiscal situation, specifically a cap and temporary postponement of annual raises and the “unprecedented” levels of student debt faced by students.

“2013 is for a lot of reasons, not the right time to get into this,” said Craig Sirles, an associate professor and chair of DePaul’s English Department.

A campus petition to oppose the arena plan, meanwhile, now has more than 1,000 signatures, including DePaul basketball player Cleveland Melvin.


4 comments on “DePaul faculty, students protest Emanuel’s proposed arena deal

  1. Let’s close all the schools and build an arena that no one is going to use! It gives me a comforting feeling, that no matter what changes in the country and in the world, Chicago corruption will still be the same.

  2. Won’t it be strange when Cleveland Melvin’s playing time gets drastically reduced next year?

  3. Looks like he’s one of their only two decent players, so that’ll be tough:

  4. First, thank you Field of Schemes for the article. Lets accept the fact that Chicago has unethical leaders. $50 million to build a stadium, DePaul has the power to reject this proposal. United Center offered DePaul a 10 year rent free for use of their stadium and Depaul said no. It’s not about funding a winning athletic program, it’s about a few people gaining revenue by building a hotel and stadium with public funds. DePaul is a social justice school? I don’t think so!