MLB considering Tiger Stadium site for youth academy, but will it displace actual ballfield?

MLB VP Darrell Miller tells Fox Sports’ Jon Paul Morosi that the league is considering the site of Tiger Stadium for a new Urban Youth Academy … along with two other sites. And it’s not clear whether they’ve talked seriously about it to the city of Detroit, which has its own plans for the site, amorphous as they might be.

On the off chance this thing actually happens, an Urban Youth Academy would provide free programs that, according to Morosi, “would host educational support and vocational programs in addition to baseball and softball activities. The complex would include an indoor facility to allow for year-round use.” How that would fit on the Tiger Stadium site, and whether it would work with the layout of the original Tigers diamond, which volunteers from the Navin Field Grounds Crew continue to maintain and play ball on, isn’t addressed in Morosi’s story.

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