Sacramento arena referendum drive finally gets rolling, needs 33k signatures in one month

Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork says it will be launching a petition campaign next week to overturn the Kings arena deal, and — hey, wait, isn’t this the same petition campaign they said they were launching a month ago? Looks like it, but there’s no hurry or anything—

The group has 180 days to gather signatures, under election rules. To qualify for a special election this year, however, the group likely will have a month or less to gather the signatures, city officials estimated. The next opportunity for a special election after this year won’t come until 2015, City Clerk Shirley Concolino said.

By 2015 the Kings arena is almost certain to be under construction already, so really it’s now or never for this thing. At 33,000 valid signatures required, that’s more than a thousand a day; STOP is going to have to hope that Sacramentans can write really fast, not to mention that they’re all sticking around over the July 4th holiday week.

7 comments on “Sacramento arena referendum drive finally gets rolling, needs 33k signatures in one month

  1. At least it’s not rainy (not that we had much of one this year) season right now. That should help with signature gathering.

  2. I sometimes think STOP is a front funded by KJ.

    If they have 18 months to gather their signatures, that’s actually just fine. I say this because the EIR won’t even be approved for another 12 months, and it’s extremely likely to be challenged in court. People don’t understand how significant this is: The freeway access is terrible there, and the EIR will demand mitigation for this. They can’t really do any kind of demolition for a good 18 months from today.

    Honestly, I think STOP is not the right group to do this. But 18 months until the election isn’t even a crack in the pavement.

  3. I am so convinced of this that I actually think it’d be better for KJ if this was a special election. To gather the smaller number of signatures in 6 months will be a piece of cake. There is no chance the courts would allow construction to start once this has qualified for the June 2015 ballot.

  4. It is surprising the opposition to this is not as loud and as well organized- considering many of us in Sacramento have a good ear and eye for crappy government funding ideas. I wonder if the political players in town are not selecting this battle because they don’t want to pick what appears to be an unnecessary fight with Pro Tem Steinberg or if everybody agrees with KJ that there are a “100 ways this project could fall through” and some think they are waiting for the falling through to begin.

  5. How does this bizarre cycle work, they can do this by next month in 2013 or wait till some time in 2015 if they miss the deadline. How did an point in 2014 get knocked off the table?

  6. I guess they’re trying to schedule it to coincide with a general election, for maximum ability to call KJ a pedophile in public. It would be kind of silly for an initiative group seeking to stop pork to demand a special election for their single measure (see Paul Allen’s Seahawks vote)… but a two year wait isn’t exactly fitting.

  7. Actually, with most petition drives like this, they have to shoot for well over the required signatures because names will invariably be stricken for whatever reason, so it’s probably closer to 42,000 signatures; an even higher bar. Good luck with that.