Utah Jazz to make “major” arena announcement this afternoon


The Utah Jazz on Monday will make a “major facility announcement,” and are expected to unveil plans to update EnergySolutions Arena…

The downtown arena seats 19,911 but has been has surpassed by newer, flashier arenas with more premium amenities since its construction in 1991. In recent years, the Jazz have made minor improvements, such as adding restaurants and clubs. However, by NBA standards the arena boasts relatively few suites (50) and even less luxury seating near the court.

There’s definitely going to be a new scoreboard involved, but as for whether a more extensive renovation is in the works, and whether public money will be requested, we’ll have to wait another few hours.

UPDATE: Turns out it was $15 million worth of new video screens and new kitchens in the luxury suites. That’s a major arena announcement? Utah Jazz p.r. department, I will never believe your hyperbole again.

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8 comments on “Utah Jazz to make “major” arena announcement this afternoon

  1. After watching the auction for mining rights on Gold Rush (TV show) a few months ago, I think Utah should start auctioning off areas of the state to search for dinosaur bones. It’s a valuable resource and they’re not making any more of ’em. Can’t keep letting families just stumble upon these American treasures without a proper dinosaur hunting license.


  2. Is the Utah Jazz the most oxymoronic label in pro-sports? Any other candidates?

  3. You mean like the Seattle Supersonics ? Named after a government contract plane that was cancelled before prototypes were even finished due to rising costs and a questionable market for the product ?

    Kind of fitting… funded by government excess, its own costs exceed that supportable by its own market and requires subsidies.

  4. Los Angeles Lakers, named after the lakes of Minnesota. Los Angeles Dodgers, named after the fans who dodged trolleys on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn.

  5. Scoreboards galore, some LED lights, and upgraded kitchens on the suite level ! Yes, “could” is certainly the right word for that statement.

    Jazz President Randy Rigby said the arena upgrades could make Utah a more attractive place for players, and he said members of the Jazz “are very excited. They’ve been very anxious and very interested in the progress.”

  6. I don’t understand why everyone decides to get bent out of shape about the Jazz nickname. It’s not as though there are tigers, lions, etc. in most North American cities either.

  7. Wait, so the team is paying for a minor upgrade to its 22 year old arena? No demands for a new “state of the art” facility because the seats are too hard or the exterior doesn’t scream “look at me?!!!” No threat to move because the arena isn’t the shiny new toy on the block? Man, these Jazz executives must have lost their minds! I mean at this rate, the Miami Heat owners will be demanding their 4th or 5th new arena before the Jazz politely asks for a little help building a new facility.

    Before New Orleans went and changed their name to the Pelicans, I thought they should swap the name Hornets with the Jazz since Utah was the Bee Hive state and New Orleans was… well… you know. But I agree that calling LA the Lakers is just as ridiculous, and I don’t see people demanding a name change there (well, at least outside a few old school folks in Minnesota)

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