Brazilian stadium protestors tear-gassed, players issue Instagrams of support

How are those protests against Brazil’s $3 billion in World Cup stadium spending going, you ask? Really well in terms of turnout, less well in terms of not being tear-gassed by police:

That’s 35,000 people being chased off by police from the site of yesterday’s Brazil-Mexico soccer match, or almost as many people who have attended the first 57 matches at the new stadium built in Brasilia. The protestors are saying that the money would have been better spent on housing, hospitals, and schools; one held a sign reading “Brazil, let’s wake up, a teacher is worth more than Neymar,” which still didn’t stop the rising Brazilians superstar himself from sending a message of support for the demonstrators. Google translation for those who don’t speak Portuguese:

Sorry for everything that is happening in Brazil. I always had faith that it would not be necessary to reach the point of “take to the streets” to demand better conditions of transport, health, education and safety, this is all OBLIGATION government … My parents worked hard to be able to provide for me and my sister a minimum quality of life … Today, thanks to the success that you give me, it would seem my demagoguery – but is not – raise the banner of demonstrations taking place throughout Brazil. But I am Brazilian and I love my country! I have family and friends living in Brazil! So Brazil also want a fairer, safer, healthier and more HONEST!! The only way I have to represent and defend Brazil is on the field, playing ball … And from this game against Mexico, I take the field inspired by this mobilization … # TamoJunto

It really is like another country.

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2 comments on “Brazilian stadium protestors tear-gassed, players issue Instagrams of support

  1. Id like to know more about the overall pulse of the country….and understand the factors that led to the protests. I am an American and I am at times ashamed at how globally unaware we are as a nation. I started a blog that explores this subject, but Id like to know more about the socio-cultural pulse of Brazil.
    text or email

  2. The key thing for everyone in the world to note is that there was a lot of talk even 5 years ago that there was not going to be any public money. Actual public money–>2.85 billion US$ (91%)!!!!

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