Warriors arena fast-track bill gets un-fast-tracked

So now that we’ve established that the California legislature is trying to fast-track construction of a Golden State Warriors arena in San Francisco, it appears that the California legislature is no longer trying to fast-track construction of a Golden State Warriors arena in San Francisco:

The Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee insisted that the decision on use of tidelands – without which the arena cannot proceed – would be made later in the project approval process by the State Lands Commission and the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) after local studies and hearings.

“It’s premature for us to make the decision at this time,” the committee’s chairwoman, Democrat Fran Pavley, told advocates, including the bill’s author, San Francisco Assemblyman Phil Ting.

There are more details that will surely be fascinating to anyone interested in California regulatory procedures, but in short: This debate will be going on for a while yet.

2 comments on “Warriors arena fast-track bill gets un-fast-tracked

  1. Give it up San Francisco. The only way the Warriors get their new arena is in OAKLAND!!!

    Same thing goes for the City of San Jose who suing Major League Baseball for the A’s to move. Give it up. You know it will happen in OAKLAND!!! Oakland is moving in and at the last minute, settles this. New arena for the Warriors, a new state of the art ball park for the A’s, and a new NFL stadium for the Raiders.

    Hey, a man can dream, right?!?!?!

  2. Either dream or have nightmares if your the taxpayers still paying off mt. Davis and a city that will Ned to go on a spending spree to keep 1 team much less all 3- wonder what Oakland city hall is worth :)

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