Don’t let anything important happen the next week or two, okay?

I’m going to be traveling the next week and a half, so posting will be a good bit lighter than the firehose of stadium and arena news we’ve seen in recent weeks. (Though I doubt I can stop myself from following the Phoenix Coyotes saga, even while on vacation, so I’ll likely be chiming in on that from time to time.) I’ll even be skipping my regular Tuesday morning radio spot on KUCI with Heather McCoy this week for the first time since last June, returning to the airwaves (and webwaves) on July 9.

Feel free to use the comments on this item as an open thread to discuss anything you might feel like. I promise to bring you all presents when I get back, or at least some new stadium photos.

4 comments on “Don’t let anything important happen the next week or two, okay?

  1. You could have simply said, “OPEN THREAD!”, Neil. Think of how many electrons you’d have saved.

    So, Sacramento City Council has decided to allocate $6.5M of money they haven’t raised yet, to kick-start the arena project, on which they don’t anticipate having a contract for about 1 year. Is this really a standard business practice?

    As a part of this contract they don’t have yet, they’re supposed to start setting aside 5% of ticket revenues at STA to help pay for the arena, but I have to think that’s strictly optional if there’s no contract.

    This is doomed, Neil. They’re starting off with bad decisions from day 1. It’s going to come back to haunt them.

    Term sheets are not a contract. Repeat that until you get it, KJ.

  2. And, I forgot the link.

  3. Mike: Comedian Robert Klein used to have a wonderful “real estate seminar” routine that described what Sacramento is doing… I’ve forgotten most of it, but the punchline was something like:

    “With the equity you don’t have in the building you don’t own, you conduct a hostile leveraged takeover of the city of Cleveland”.

    Now, why anyone would want to own Cleveland I don’t know… but…

  4. I wonder if political scandal could derail this. Oh, look, here comes one now: