Bloomberg press release hints that NYC F.C. will play at Yankee Stadium

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that the new NYC F.C. MLS team will play at Yankee Stadium when it starts play in 2015, oh wait, he took it back:

Bloomberg announced the move as part of a press release celebrating New York’s status as the nation’s “sports mecca.” The release has now been edited.

The slip was pointed out by the website Empire of Soccer. A Google cache version of the press release confirms the original version… “Yankee Stadium will become the home of the New York City Football Club, the first soccer club in the five boroughs since the 1970s.”…

Bloomberg’s release has been changed to, “And soon a new stadium will become home to the New York City Football Club.”

So, either Mayor Bloomberg knows something we don’t know, or he just assumes what we’ve all assumed ever since the Yankees were named co-owners of the team. Cut him some slack, his press officers are all busy sending out resumes as their boss’s 12 years in office wind down, they can’t be expected to pay attention to what they’re actually writing.

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