Falcons give up on fighting churches, go to Plan B for stadium site

The Atlanta Falcons have officially given up on their proposed stadium site that would have required buying up and demolishing two churches, and are instead going for an alternate site nearby that will require fans to walk a bit more from their cars:

The Atlanta Falcons informed the Georgia World Congress Center Authority in a letter today that the preferred south site for the new stadium is not feasible at this time because the needed property hasn’t been acquired and said the focus should now turn to the alternative site north of the Georgia Dome, a person familiar with the situation told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
UPDATE: The GWCCA board early this afternoon voted to allow the Falcons to begin due diligence work, including a soil study, on the north site.

None of this was unexpected, but given that the Falcons faced a (self-imposed) deadline of Thursday to get a deal done with the churches, it looks like everyone involved has decided the easiest route is just to move the stadium elsewhere. I’m still not clear what, if anything, this means for site acquisition costs, but at least it means no more churches will be destroyed to make way for the stadium that will replace the stadium that destroyed a previous round of churches.

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3 comments on “Falcons give up on fighting churches, go to Plan B for stadium site

  1. GWCCA is conducting it, but I couldn’t begin to guess which pot of money it’s coming out of:


  2. Many people in Atlanta believe this is just another negotiating tactic. The Thursday deadline is self imposed so it’s mainly there to scare the churches into making a quick decision. Don’t be surprised if after a week or two of preliminary work on the north site that they come to a deal for the churches. Hope that doesn’t happen but it wouldn’t be a shock.

    There will be no acquisition costs for the north site. It is already owned by the Georgia World Congress Center. There are a oddly large number of high voltage power lines that crisscross the property which will be expensive to relocate but otherwise the north site is pretty much ready to go. The real question is where will the trucks that currently use the north site as a marshaling yard go. My guess is right next to the churches in the footprint of the soon to be demolished Georgia Dome… just out of spite.

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