Long Island pol gripes that Cosmos stadium would create traffic because no one would go there wait what?

If you’ve been thinking, “Hey, it’s been a long time since Field of Schemes has written about that crazy $400 million New York Cosmos stadium plan,” here, have a Long Island politician complaining about how the crazy thing about it is that it would create too much traffic:

“It’s a bad idea for the region,” said [Nassau County Legislator Carrié] Solages (D-Elmont), who is worried it could create a traffic nightmare for local residents. “Soccer does not have the draw it needs to survive here.”

The Cosmos also got a brief mention in my just-posted interview on The ‘Cast (on YouTube, but it’s audio-only), so go listen to that as well if you like. Though we didn’t really delve into the problem of how to deal with the traffic jams created by nonexistant minor-league soccer fans.

2 comments on “Long Island pol gripes that Cosmos stadium would create traffic because no one would go there wait what?

  1. I like this stadium plan. Completely privately funded and will compliment race track facility nicely with hotel and restaurants.

  2. Isn’t Nassau county still under the control of a financial “minder”?

    It seems unlikely they could commit any funds (even modest amounts for infrastructure) towards a private development given that they are effectively broke.

    As noted in past posts on the Cosmos, they cannot hope to recapture even a small slice of their 1970s/80s popularity if they aren’t somewhere close to Manhattan (yes, Giants stadium, East Rutherford… I remember). Nassau county? Nope. I’m sure there are soccer fans there, and maybe, just maybe, they are serious about privately financing “all of this”.

    But it doesn’t change the fundamental problem… they would be a NY team playing somewhere other than what people would consider to be “NY”.

    Floating stadia, Randall’s Island, Hofstra… well, you can’t say they don’t have a history (and ideas…)

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