Wisconsin county says no way, no how to Bucks arena taxes

Sure enough, a Wisconsin county has voted to oppose a multicounty sales tax for the Milwaukee Bucks that hasn’t even been proposed yet. The Racine County Board unanimously voted yesterday to oppose any new or existing multicounty taxes going to help pay for a new Bucks arena, noting — in the resolution, mind you — that Racine pays for its own marina and zoo without taxing neighboring county, as Milwaukee can damn well do the same. (Okay, the resolution probably doesn’t say “damn well.”)

To top it off, Racine supervisor Ken Hall declared, “There’s no support in Racine County for corporate welfare for the Milwaukee Bucks or for Milwaukee infrastructure.”

Given that Milwaukee elected officials have previously denounced any Bucks taxes that hit only their city and not neighboring counties, we appear to have arrived at a conundrum. Unless you want to allow for crazy solutions like nobody getting taxed, and the Bucks continuing to play in their 25-year-old arena.

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