Texans debut biggest taxpayer-funded scoreboard ever

The Dallas Cowboys‘ video screen is no longer the benchmark for humongous sports video screens:

Less than eight months after announcing their approval, Houston’s Reliant Stadium has unveiled its new HD digital video boards, surpassing the Cowboys’ NFL-best 160-foot screens. Houston was previously the only team in the league without digital screens.

The AT&T Stadium video screens set records in 2009 for their 11,520 square feet. That title was claimed two years later by the Charlotte Motor Speedway and is now being surpassed by Houston’s 14,549 square footage of pixels.

The Dallas Morning News notes that the Houston Texans‘ new scoreboards are “100 percent taxpayer funded,” but quotes Harris County Judge Ed Emmett as saying that they’ll totally pay for themselves:

“The Super Bowl alone will attract revenue far in excess of that,” Emmett said. “We’re talking about Final Fours. We’re talking about all the other events that will come to the stadium where you get the best fan experience.”

Oh, dear. Do you want to tell him or should I?


4 comments on “Texans debut biggest taxpayer-funded scoreboard ever

  1. Sure, that’s a big screen but wait until Auburn University gets their 3135 ft x 1184 ft super screen. That’s 3.7 million square feet of video goodness.

    (Warning: Satire)

  2. Neil – So how many Final Fours are there, exactly, in a year? I’m asking because it seems like getting the Final Four, getting World Cups etc. is what ALL of the proponents for new/renovated stadiums are saying, all over the country. Santa Clara is no exception. Except that there can’t possibly be enough of those events to satisfy all of the proclamations of ‘build it and we’ll get Final Fours, World Cups’ etc. It seems from the way they talk that they don’t realize there are other stadium venues competing for the same events each year.

  3. Well, at least Final Fours happen every year, four times as often as a World Cup. And those have already been handed out through 2022, so nobody is getting a World Cup (that doesn’t already have one) until 2026.

  4. Hey Neil

    Don’t know if you saw this story on the Chargers stadium from Trotter.


    Not only is it ridiculous but it’s also dishonest.