Chargers stadium would cost some untold huge amount of money

And we finally have some cost figures for that new San Diego Chargers stadium plan. According to Fox 5 San Diego, aka apparently the only actual journalists left in town:

Chargers’ stadium plan would cost $1B

Okay, that’s a whole buncha money, and a good bit more than the $800 million that was the team’s last estimate, but given that the new San Francisco 49ers stadium is costing $1.3 billion, not totally unexpected. So what are the details beneath that headline?

A new stadium for the Chargers would cost about $1.2 billion if built as a stand-alone facility, but the city could save money by combining the project with the San Diego Convention Center expansion, a team official said Monday.

Okay, so that’s an even bigger bunch of money. And how would this saving money by combining it with the convention center work, exactly?

Fabiani said in the radio interview that if the stadium and convention center expansion are constructed separately, the price tag would be around $1.6 billion. The figure would lower by $1.2 billion under the Chargers proposal to build them together, he said.

Presumably they mean lower “to” $1.2 billion, which means that this whole “saving money” thing would be more accurately described as “the stadium would cost less if the city kicked in some of its convention center expansion money,” maybe?

Any more details, Fox 5 San Diego, on who would pay how much toward this however many billions of dollars, or where that money would come from? No? Oh, well, I didn’t say they were good journalists, just the only port in the storm…

3 comments on “Chargers stadium would cost some untold huge amount of money

  1. San Diego hates Dean Spanos after the ticket guarantee debacle, the lawsuits, and everything else.

    Sell the team to a real owner or get out of San Diego.

  2. San Diego is a big city and im surprised by the lack of attention the Chargers are getting at Quallcoom.. I would have to say with all the stadium issues in California.. it might be cheaper for the Chargers to spend half the money and re contrusct Qualcoom… its still a great place to play football.. i think 500mil , with 100 mil coming from city of San Diego could go a long way to fix the stadium.

  3. Once our lobbying, politician-buying, move-to-L.A.-fear-threat machine rolls into town, it’s no secret where most of that money will eventually come from, by hook or by crook (I love that word!). Here’s a clue for you Scrabble players–anagram this: APSYERXTA