Tampa buying dying shopping mall, and, um, something about Rays stadium, yeah!

The Port of Tampa is looking at buying a moribund shopping mall in Tampa, and omigod Rays stadium Rays stadium Rays stadium:

Buckhorn also said that “a vibrant, active retail center would compliment a stadium not that far away,” so it sounds like there isn’t actually consideration being given to building on the mall site. And anyway, as Shadow of the Stadium’s Noah Pransky points out, “Finding a place for the Rays to play has never been a problem…it’s all about finding the money to build a new stadium.” But I guess it’s still better than starting rumors about moving the team to Oregon.

7 comments on “Tampa buying dying shopping mall, and, um, something about Rays stadium, yeah!

  1. John Canzano is renowned for his incompetence in Stumptown. There’s an NBA fan whose internet nom de guerre is Storyteller who has, for many years, decimated Canzano’s often spectacularly speculative (at best) claims by simple appeal to fact and reason…

  2. Portland looked like a perfect market for MLB around 10 years ago, but they never had any strong political will to push a stadium through or a legitimate prospective owner trying to fall over backwards to get a team. Without either one, all they had was a strong, but ultimately not very relevant, grass roots campaign, and great TV ratings for a market without a team. Since then, the city has taken strongly to the MLS Timbers and thus isn’t as starved for pro sports as they used to be. Not to mention there still aren’t any politicians/billionaires crusading for a team. That ship has sailed.

  3. Portland? The same Portland that expressed little interest in contributing to a new ballpark for their AAA team in the early ’90s and late 2000s? The same Portland that actively contributed to the relocation of the most recent incarnation of the Beavers by converting their ballpark to a soccer-only stadium for the Timbers?

    I know, I know, apples and oranges for AAA vs. MLB, it wasn’t all the city’s fault, go Timbers, but I’m just guessing Portland wouldn’t be too willing to invest heavily in a $500 million (conservative estimate?) ballpark with that kind of history.

    And I’m guessing Canzano’s show is something like this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Characters_of_Parks_and_Recreation#Crazy_Ira_and_The_Douche

  4. Yes because a mall is why Tampa Rays fans aren’t showing up to games in droves. The team hasn’t been bad in years & they’re having trouble selling out playoff games, maybe it’s the high price of MLB tickets & a small fan base that’s really the problem?
    Developers are the worst.

  5. Actually, Tampa has a fine place to put a new stadium, and infrastructure would not be an issue: right across the street from the football stadium on Dale Mabry. Parking, infrastructure, central location – but oh yeah, the damn Yankees have their minor league and spring training stadium there.
    And I’m not sure the Bucs would be happy sharing that location with the Rays.
    Other sites around Tampa all have issues, but our city fathers are going to spend, spend, spend to bring major league baseball to us, even though I can drive 30 minutes to St. Pete to see a pretty strong team. sigh

  6. Portland is currently working on getting the A’s.

    The A’s moving to Portland is most likely.

  7. re: Portland – There is $150m in state funds (via diverted income taxes on players) for any owner who wants to find a stadium site, build a stadium, back the bonds, pay off the Mariners for a significant chunk of their media territory (which, as Neil noted in his reply to blowhard Canzano, would be a much smaller territory than Tampa+Orlando), and move a team…. and this in a league which is highly dependent on media rights.

    This is SO not happening, for the A’s or the Rays, not in this decade at least. And this is coming from a CPA who once drank the Kool-Aid and worked on the Oregon Stadium Campaign 10 years ago.