Earthquakes stadium opening pushed back to 2015

The opening of the San Jose Earthquakes‘ new stadium has been pushed back from 2014 to 2015 because builders “encountered concrete vaults deeper than expected” at the site, according to a “source involved with the project.” (An official announcement is expected on Monday.) I know you’re all disappointed.

Though maybe some of you are actually a little extra disappointed if you already bought season tickets for the new stadium for next year, which apparently a bunch of Earthquakes fans already had. The San Jose Mercury News helpfully reports that “team officials will have to address what to do with the season tickets already sold for the new facility.”

14 comments on “Earthquakes stadium opening pushed back to 2015

  1. It’s not nearly as stupid as the Ottawa RedBlacks, IMO.

    The list of candidates for really really stupid team names is fairly lengthy… but I wouldn’t personally put the Earthquakes on it.

  2. Exactly John. It’s a long time local name what actually is a powerful event relevant to the region unlike say the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Dodgers. Nor is it a racist depiction of Native Americans like the Redskins, Braves or Chief Wahoo. Nor is it some generic POS like the a fore mentioned RedBlacks or White Sox.

  3. As MLS names go, it’s positively awesome. “Royal” Salt Lake? “Goats” USA? Even returning to Wiz would be a vast improvement over the unbearable “Sporting KC”.

  4. It is a bad name, but considering the alternative is probably Borussia San Jose SV,, it’s not that bad.

  5. Come back here when the Bay Area has a devastating Earthquake and we’ll see how public opinion has changed towards that name.

  6. Don’t see how anyone can say it’s a bad name given the meaningless or ill fitting names used by over half of California’s other teams. San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, Kings, Galaxy, CD Chivas USA, Oakland Athletics, Raiders, San Diego Chargers, Sacramento Kings, Goldeb State Warriors and arguably the Anaheim Ducks are all either generic puff names or simply ill fitting either by design or from moving from another location where the name actually made sense.

    Really other than Los Angeles Angels, San Diego Padres and San Jose Sharks no other names in the state are as good as the San Jose Earthquakes when it comes to making sense for the region they play in.

    As for there being an earthquake, there’s been plenty of big ones here even during the team’s existence in ’89. We’re proud of our natural challenges out here. It’s part o what defines us.

  7. San Jose has had a professional soccer team named the Earthquakes since the late 70s in different pro leagues that have come and gone. No actual earthquake will make people want to change the name, not even the 1989 quake.

    I remember when MLS awarded the a team to SJ and it was named “the Clash”, every one wanted it to be the Earthquakes…its a small but supportive fan base no way the name is changed.

  8. “Borussia San Jose SV”

    Had to laugh at that one. But if they went back to their panel of 10-year-old soccer geeks for naming ideas, it wouldn’t be that far-fetched.

  9. Just a note that the Earthquakes stadium is being paid for the owners. I am sure the city kicked something in along the way, but this does help prove that huge public subsidies are not required to build stadiums.

  10. Only thing the city kicked in was a slight discount on the blighted land’s value. Which in the long run seems justified after they found long forgotten nuclear bomb shelters and unexploded ordinance on the property.