Second Atlanta church approves land sale, Falcons stadium saga almost finally done

The congregation of Friendship Baptist Church has agreed to sell its property to the Atlanta Falcons for $19.5 million, finally putting an end to one of the longest-running, most boring stadium battles ever. (For those who were away this summer, the new Falcons stadium was going to require relocating two 100-year-old-plus churches, and they didn’t want to sell at the Falcons’ price, and if they didn’t sell the stadium would still be built but across the street and … bored yet?) Now all that’s left is to settle the problem of bankrupt Morris Brown College, which the city has decided will be the new home of Friendship Baptist, even though the college and its alumni are arguing otherwise.

This will no doubt get resolved eventually too, but it’ll likely mean even more headlines about the deal in the coming weeks. Headlines, conveniently enough for the Falcons, that won’t involve questions about the $554 million in tax money that the team will be getting for their new stadium. Hey, you don’t think they could have planned it that way, do you? Naah.

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