Falcons’ stadium site finally settled, state can get back to shoveling money at team

No surprise here since we’ve pretty much known it for a couple of weeks, Atlanta Falcons president Rich McKay has declared it to be “definite” that the team will build its new stadium on the so-called south site, the one with the two churches that were holding out for more money for their land.

The Georgia World Congress Center Authority will end up spending $6.2 million toward purchasing one of the sites, while the Falcons will kick in the other $27.8 million. Which when you add in the rest of the tax money being funneled to the Falcons over the next 37 years, you get a taxpayer cost of … oh, let’s call it an even $560 million. Which may come as a surprise to Minnesota Public Radio, but now they know.

One comment on “Falcons’ stadium site finally settled, state can get back to shoveling money at team

  1. Sad thing is the local media still refuses to publish anything but the $200 million number. It’s astonishing just how biased they’ve become. I could understand if they pulled the standard “yeah, but we’ll get all that money back and more from events being hosted” but to simply lie outright to benefit a private entity like a football club is beyond belief.

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