St. Pete mayor ousted, Astrodome rehab defeated, and other stadium-related election returns

Travis Waldron of ThinkProgress thoughtfully ran down five elections yesterday with stadium implications, from a vote on rehabbing the Astrodome to decisions on new mayors for cities facing sports venue battles. And the results are:

The big one to watch immediately is clearly the St. Pete mayoral situation, given that Sternberg is undoubtedly going to be one of the first to call on Kriseman wishing to start those promised “conversations.” There are still a heck of a lot of obstacles to the Rays getting a new building — how on earth to pay for it, mostly — but Foster, at least, is no longer one of them.

6 comments on “St. Pete mayor ousted, Astrodome rehab defeated, and other stadium-related election returns

  1. Just saw that Seattle voted Mike McGinn out of office, as well. Should be interesting to see how its new mayor will handle the arena situation. (Coincidentally, I’m heading up there this weekend, so that topic might come up at some point when I meet up with my old friends there)

  2. The Astrodome –

    The printed ad campaign had “Save The Dome” in large print and then in much smaller print was the referendum number. The ad didn’t do a good job of saying, “VOTE”. There was a flashy video with a lot of pan motion but not a good job of explaining why spending the money was a good thing. Many people had the “throwing good money after bad” mentality. The poorly handled (4+ hour lines to get nothing but a coupon) “Astrodome yard sale” last weekend probably didn’t help, but I can’t imagine that had a major influence on the vote.

    So, most likely the Astrodome will be torn down. The Astrodome is too close to Reliant Stadium to “push the button”, so it will come down by wrecking ball and bulldozer instead.

    The structure is in bad shape with rust throughout. The inside has been declared to be a hazard and no one is allowed in except work crews. It looks like a wart next to the much-taller Reliant Stadium with its retractable roof. So, it is time to do something about the abandoned Astrodome and it looks like that decision has now been made.

    It was a stadium that changed sports in more ways than any other modern-era stadium. Many of those changes were for the worst not the better but its influence cannot be denied.

    I have to admit some mixed-emotions. It was a horrible place to see baseball played compared to an outdoor game on natural turf. But, without it, there would have been no baseball in Houston. And, without it, there would have been no kangaroo hops, turf monsters, pop-ups that hit speakers, dugouts that aren’t dugouts, etc.

  3. And Stockton’s bid to raise it’s sales tax rate by 3/4%, to 9%, is apparently on the way to a win.

    So noted because of the major contribution their public projects have made to their fiscal issues.

  4. The new Seattle mayor Murray has been saying he won’t block the arena, but he did recently sit down and get endorsed by the anti-arena primary challenger.

    But, if you are reading tea-leaves, Murray didn’t show up to any pre-election events wearing Sonics warm-ups like McGinn did.

  5. Of the four projects mentioned in this discussion (1: Heinz Field Expansion. 2: Seattle Arena. 3: New Rays stadium. 4: New Soccer Stadium), being completed with five years, my betting is on the Soccer Stadium.