Anti-condo organizers threaten ballot measure on Warriors arena plans

In addition to the stadium-related ballot items up for vote on Election Day, San Francisco voters cast ballots on a waterfront condo plan, defeating it handily. Which you should care about why? Because this why, that’s why:

Opponents, led by former Mayor Art Agnos, on Wednesday used their election day momentum to call on Mayor Ed Lee to relocate the Warriors arena to Candlestick Point or the Caltrain Station at Fourth and Townsend streets.

The waterfront should be preserved for affordable housing for teachers, artists and others, Agnos said, and if Lee won’t budge from what he calls his “legacy project,” the same group that defeated the 8 Washington condos will sponsor a ballot measure to defeat the Warriors arena, too, he said.

It’s not entirely clear that a victory over a waterfront condo tower is going to translate into a victory over a waterfront arena — say what you will about the modern sports industry, the general public does actually get some use out of a place to see basketball games and concerts, which can’t be said for rich people’s apartments. But it does look increasingly likely that the Warriors plan is going to end up going before voters, so expect this to turn even more into a public war of words between the team and Mayor Ed Lee on one side, and Agnos and his allies on the other. In fact, look, it’s already started:

“Art Agnos just won a game of pingpong, and now he thinks he’s a Wimbledon champion,” said Nathan Ballard, spokesman for the Warriors project.

Because ping pong is a wimpy sport, get it? Because it uses tiny balls. And that’s just the kind of thing sports people say.

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2 comments on “Anti-condo organizers threaten ballot measure on Warriors arena plans

  1. That’s okay, they’ll still have one of these:

  2. Considering it took more than 25 years to build a badly needed bridge – with fewer lanes for traffic too boot – this should be yet another norcal long running drama.
    Another spine-tingling chapter of America’s drama queen of a city.

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