Rays plan upgrades to Tropicana Field; sun still tentatively set to rise in east

Tampa Bay Rays owner Stuart Sternberg made a stadium announcement this week, and it was … that he’s making renovations to Tropicana Field:

The Rays are making a major renovation to Tropicana Field, creating 360-degree circulation by adding walkways behind the outfield seating areas and opening up what was the dark-walled Batters Eye restaurant into an open-air meeting spot for fans.

No word how much Sternberg is spending on spiffing up the building that he said in 2007 had a “shelf life of five years.” But it’s certainly an acknowledgment that he knows the team isn’t going anywhere else in the next few years. Not that that should really be a big secret.

5 comments on “Rays plan upgrades to Tropicana Field; sun still tentatively set to rise in east

  1. Got give a little credit to Mr. Sternberg. Based on what a read, he is still willing to spend his own money into a place he really does not want to be. Even though he does not like it, he seems to understand the reality that there is no new park coming anytime soon so he is as at least trying to make the current ball park tolerable. It may be like putting lipstick on a pig, but I have to give him credit in attempting to do something for now and it appears with his own money.

  2. Now if only Mark Davis and Lew Wolff could come to a similar agreement regarding the Oakland Coliseum since even if construction starts on their new stadiums in Oakland and San Jose respectively today they won’t be done for 2-4 years. And of course we all know construction won’t start for some time to come on either (if ever).

    Only real difference is both men keep being given outs that Sternberg doesn’t have in Tampa. The NFL’s never ending LA threat along with the reality that there’s a brand new NFL stadium in the region that they’ve been previously invited to utilize give the Raiders a couple of quick outs that make the Coliseum unnecessary to their future. And the A’s now having been given an out across the bay at AT&T Park in San Francisco has similarly lessened the absolute need for the Coliseum as far as the A’s are concerned.

  3. Don Perata should be in jail for what he did to taxpayers with the Mt. Davis travesty. Now Mark Davis is paying Perata as a “consultant.” He’s getting paid to attempt to separate the public from their money. Mark Davis, good luck, I’m not buying it. Use your family money if it’s such a great investment

  4. $tu is not spending his own money on this. Surprise,surprise.

  5. The article states the following:

    “However, the bulk of the money for the overhaul is coming from a special stadium capital projects escrow account the city controls.

    The account, which currently has a balance of $2.1 million, is funded with naming rights revenues and ticket fees as part of the city’s contract with the Rays. The team can’t spend money from the account without city approval.”

    The fund, (the article states is for stadium capital projects), where the money is coming from comes from ticket fees and naming rights if I am reading this correctly. In my opinion this is better than another hotel, tourist, real estate tax. At a high level, (If I am reading this correctly), this is money from the Trop and being reinvested back to the Trop. May not be out of his pocket as I thought, but at least at the surface it is coming from a source designated for such projects.

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