San Diego runoff pits two candidates who both love Chargers and hate tax subsidies, because mayoral candidates, duh

The city of San Diego held a special election yesterday to see who would replace their mayor who had to resign after sexual harassment charges — yeah, I know regular election day was only two weeks ago, but the people of San Diego were busy that night or something — and the winner is … nobody!

Councilmen Kevin Faulconer and David Alvarez will likely face each other in a runoff election for San Diego mayor on a still-to-be scheduled date early next year, according to unofficial results from the San Diego County Registrar of Voters…

Faulconer led a field of 12 candidates in Tuesday’s special election with 43.58 percent of the vote, with vote by mail ballots and all 581 precincts counted, according to figures released by the San Diego County Registrar of Voters.

Alvarez finished 2,638 votes ahead of former Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher in the race for second. He received 52,283 votes, 25.59 percent of the vote, and Fletcher 49,645, 24.3 percent.

With another couple of months before we know who the new mayor will be, that gives us lots of time to read SBNation’s Chargers blog’s item from yesterday helpfully titled “San Diego Mayoral Election: Who will build the Chargers a new stadium?” Because when you’re a Chargers fan, it’s not about whether to have the city build the Chargers a new stadium, it’s who will do it.

Anyway, SBNation reports that Faulconer wants to keep the Chargers in town, protect the taxpayers, blah blah blah, and is the preferred candidate of U-T San Diego lunatic owner and diehard Chargers stadium booster Doug Manchester, so presumably he doesn’t mean all that stuff about protecting the taxpayers too seriously. Alvarez, meanwhile, says he wants to keep the Chargers in town, doesn’t believe in spending taxpayer money … okay, this article doesn’t really say anything at all, does it? Suffice to say that soon San Diego will have a new mayor, and whoever it is will end up fielding new stadium demands from the Chargers, and will try to make them happy without actually giving them the taxpayer money that is what it would take to make them happy. Hopefully without groping any Marilyn Monroe impersonators in the process.

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