Cleveland to give Browns $22m for renovations just because

The city of Cleveland and the Browns owners have reached an agreement on how the $120 million worth of stadium renovations announced last week will be paid for, and it’s not as awful as it could have been: The city would kick in $22 million, paid off $2 million at a time over the next 15 years (part of that would go toward interest), and the team would cover the rest.

That’s getting off relatively cheap compared to some stadium reno deals, but then, the city is getting nothing back for its money: The Browns aren’t even agreeing to extend their lease at their 17-year-old stadium. Plus, the city already pays into a “capital improvement fund” under the team’s lease, but these more extensive renovations — which include a new scoreboard and new seating and concourses — would come on top of that.

The Cleveland city council is set to hold a hearing on the plan next Monday, and some councilmembers are already getting all gripey:

“I’ve got residents calling me, saying, ‘Please don’t support the stadium,’” said Councilman Kevin Conwell. “That stadium is modern enough right now, in my opinion. They’ve got to break out budgets to show me that putting up that money toward improvements won’t affect city services.”

Right now the $2 million a year is set to come out of the general fund, but if this proposal goes through, it’s almost certain to heat up talk of extending the cigarette and alcohol taxes that paid for the stadium in the first place, and splitting the proceeds among subsidies for upgrades for the Browns, Cavaliers, and Indians, the last of whom have been talking about getting city funding for major renovations for a couple of years now, though clearly they’re waiting for the Browns to go first. Following on the Atlanta Bravesnew stadium plans and the Carolina Pantherssuccessful renovation subsidy campaign, what Cleveland does is going to do a lot to set the tone of how cities with pre-millennial stadiums handle team demands for upgrades, so this is worth watching closely.

4 comments on “Cleveland to give Browns $22m for renovations just because

  1. The Browns’ ballpark actually opened in 1999. It would get birthday seventeen in 2016!!


    So, they evened it out so that the city payments to the upkeep fund of $0.85M a year doesn’t balloon to 5 years of $6-7.5 million a year ? I’m not sure how to read that… let’s improve the stadium now so we’re not putting $40 million into a place the team is likely to abandon in a decade ?

  3. “Just because” is our modus operandi, rubes. Us NFL owners loves us some public stadium cash and y’all better keep it flowing if you don’t want us to move to, oh, say, Los Angeles…. lol.