Braves stadium design includes fake city street, invisible parking

And we have pictures of what the new Atlanta Braves stadium would look like! Or rudimentary overhead renderings, anyway:

Aside from the fact that apparently the Braves’ plan includes casting all the rest of Cobb County into darkness, the first thing one notices about this plan is that it is absolutely jam-packed with buildings: buildings surrounding the new stadium, buildings surrounding the plaza that would sit adjacent to the stadium, buildings lining the “entertainment street” that would lead from the stadium to nothing much in particular. There would be so many buildings, in fact, that the Braves appear to have left out room for parking entirely: The accompanying article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution says that there would be 2,000 parking spaces under the stadium, plus another 4,000 elsewhere on the site, but from the renderings it’s tough to see where this would go or how cars would get there. (It doesn’t help that the rendering doesn’t seem to match the schematic — there’s what looks like a road leading to underground garages on the rendering, for example, but where is it on the schematic?)

It’s never a good idea to take early designs too seriously — there’s a reason I like to call them “vaportecture” — but clearly the Braves are going for one of those fake urban districts that are all the rage, giving people the chance to get out of their cars and walk around, pretending they’re in a city but without all that, you know, city stuff. Which leads us to… but no, I think that deserves a post all its own.

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6 comments on “Braves stadium design includes fake city street, invisible parking

  1. I think my favorite thing from yesterday’s articles is this quote (article here:

    “Cobb County is a very progressive county,” said Plant. “Stay tuned for more good things on transit, traffic and parking.”

    Just hilarious on all kinds of levels.

  2. A fake city with all the revenue to the team and no property taxes. Just like Yankees,red sox, and what the cubs are trying to do. Don’t let the fans spend money elsewhere.

  3. All new mallparks are set up to bring in 100% of customer $$$’s, nothing new ’bout that.
    Brave-o’s are trying to recreate what they have at Disney in Florida, a contrived “atmosphere” (with overbearing ushers and their fake smiles) that they control lock stock and barrel.

  4. I’m surprised there is no retractable roof with solar panels. Any thought to that as a way of relief from “hotlanta” July & August weather?

  5. Maybe the Braves didn’t want a retractable roof? Maybe cost? I’ve been inside retractable dome stadiums & it is just not very nice. The air is so dead, it’s dark & it feels like playing inside a warehouse.

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