Become a FoS Supporter for 2014! (Now with actual tchotchkes!)

It’s been a little over six months since I last asked FoS readers to chip in to help pay for this site, and man, it was quite a six months: We had the crazy denouement of the Sacramento Kings relocation battle, the Atlanta Falcons’ squabble over relocating century-old churches to make way for their new stadium, Cobb County’s stunning announcement of plans to lure the Atlanta Braves to the suburbs with $300 million in public money, and a pile of other sports stadium and arena stories each more bizarre than the next. It’s all been great for site traffic, but the flood of news also requires more of my time to keep up, all at the sub-minimum-wage levels provided by Google Ads and the occasional book royalty.

So with a new year dawning and no doubt more sports subsidy insanity on its way, I’m putting out a call for new FoS Supporters who’d like to kick in $50 (or $100 for the full year) in exchange for getting the right to put whatever you like in the rotating ad space at the top right corner of this page. (You can submit your own 250×90 pixel image, or send me text and I’ll design one for you.) Plus, I’m introducing a new “Mini-Supporter” level, which doesn’t get you the ad space, but does get you a cool new button that you can baffle your friends and ballgame neighbors with, access to members-only online chats with yours truly, and some other goodies as yet to be determined, plus the usual warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you’re helping make the world a more stadium-knowledgeable place. (Full Supporters get all this stuff as well, plus double the warm fuzzies.) Maybe next year, I’ll work up to tote bags.

Full deets are below, and the button to click on to sign up is below that. As always, I am eternally grateful for both the monetary and moral support (and occasional moral outrage) I get from readers of this site, and I hope that with your help I can go on doing this until it’s time to build yet another Atlanta Braves stadium. Which the way things are going, is likely to be about five minutes after the new one opens.

For those of you who read FoS regularly and would like a way to support the cause, you can now become an FoS Supporter. Starting in 2014, there are three different membership levels:

  • Mini-Supporters ($25 for one year) get not just the warm glow of knowing that they’re enabling me to keep on reporting daily on stadium and arena news while silencing the voice in my head that says “Shouldn’t you be doing real work?” but also: a one-inch members-only pin (pictured at right), based on the great Scott MX Turner’s moneybags design; access to members-only live monthly web chats; plus anything else I can think up during the year that seems fun and doesn’t require me to learn how to laser-etch iPhone covers out of sustainable wood or anything.
  • Six-Month Supporters ($50 for six months) get all the mini-supporter benefits plus the ability to place an ad in the top-right banner space, which will be viewed on a rotating basis with other member ads. Messages can be anything from “I Support Field of Schemes and I Vote” to “Read My Website, It’s Way Better Than This One” or anything else that will fit legibly in a 90×250-pixel space. (You’re welcome to send me your own display ad, or I’ll design one for you if you send the text.) I do retain veto power over needlessly offensive or inaccurate messages, so “Jeffrey Loria Is a Booger Brain” would be ruled out of order. Probably. Unless you could provide citations.
  • One-Year Supporters ($100 for one year) get all of the above, but your ad will be put in place for (wait for it) one year.

Stated in traditional fundraising-drive cups of coffee, even full Supporter status is only one cup of coffee every five days. Or, if you prefer, “Sure, I can give him 50 bucks once, I’ll just let somebody else sign up after my six months are up, and read for free then like always!” Group memberships are welcome, too, if you and some friends want to pool your pocket change and sign up that way.

Either way, your support will be greatly appreciated, since Google Ads and the occasional book sale don’t go very far. (Not that I wouldn’t welcome more book sales — and then you get an actual physical object! Or a non-physical object if you go for the cheaper electronic edition!)

To join, just choose your preferred option and click the big button below, then type your mailing address into the “message” field. Thanks in advance for your support.


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3 comments on “Become a FoS Supporter for 2014! (Now with actual tchotchkes!)

  1. I’ll be glad to chip in $1,000 or so. We need to make this a kind of public-private partnership, so if I could have the naming rights to your website, I’ll send you the promised $$dough as soon as I’ve resold the naming rights. You can expect your first $.25 (of 4000 monthly installments) shortly after the sale.

  2. Are animated GIFs do-able ?

    I can think of one stadium design for Atlanta that would work really well as a copy of the spider-butt from deadspin .

  3. ChefJoe: It’s almost 2014! Animated GIFs are as much the currency of the realm as bitcoin!

    DaveBoz: While I appreciate your offer, I think I need only point out the literally uncountable economic benefits I bring to your life to make you understand why *you* should be paying *me* to put *my* name on my website, not the other way around.

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