Chicago council rubber-stamps Wrigley street encroachment, ad arch, night games

The Chicago city council approved almost everything Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts was asking for yesterday — the expansion of 25 feet into Waveland and Sheffield Streets, extra night games, and the “branding arch” over Clark Street — all except for an outdoor liquor license for Wrigley Field’s new outdoor plaza, which is still being worked on. And here is how the Chicago Sun-Times reported it:

Mayor pressures Cubs to start swinging on Wrigley construction after council votes

Yeah, that’ll show ‘em! Approve their entire wish list to Santa, and then they’ll be sure to learn their lesson about not being naughty, or tardy, or whatever Ricketts is being by refusing to do the renovations that he proposed for his own benefit in the first place.

Anyway, Mayor Rahm Emanuel only said that he expects “them and the other invested interests — meaning also the rooftops — to resolve their issues so the whole city can benefit,” which isn’t exactly threatening to lock them in a room without supper until they resolve whether the big ad boards that will block the view from the rooftops will block them so much that the rooftop owners can sue under their contract with the Cubs, or if Ricketts will keep holding off on construction without a no-lawsuits promise. But anyway, Emanuel can always still threaten that if Ricketts doesn’t settle things, he’ll get the council to refuse to approve the changes that the Cubs owner is asking … d’oh!

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