Connecticut governor: I have on this piece of paper names of would-be Whalers owners

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy says he’s been contacted by several groups looking to revive the Hartford Whalers — if the state chips in for improvements to Hartford’s arena:

“Over the last six months I have been contacted by several groups who are interested in knowing that should they acquire a team and win the rights to move that team, would we be interested in competing for that team that is with facilities, housing? I have indicated time and time again that we would be interested, although probably not at our sole expense.”

That’s pretty vague, but then, multiple people calling up the governor’s office and saying, “Hey, would you help us out if we could get a team?” is pretty nebulous to begin with. Malloy said he “encouraged at least two groups” (what, he can’t count that high?) that the state would be “active participants” if they were to acquire a team; who knows what that means, except that Connecticut is likely to see lots of haggling in its future over how much more to pour into the Hartford Civic Center (yes, it has a corporate name now, but I can’t be bothered to remember it) on top of the $35 million it just sunk into new scoreboards, concessions, and other facilities, or whether to build a whole new building, in exchange for a team that might never arrive.

7 comments on “Connecticut governor: I have on this piece of paper names of would-be Whalers owners

  1. I’m sure Boston and the NY/NJ teams would love to have another team competing for TV rights in the region and will welcome this with open arms.

  2. As I recall, when Daly/Bettman were asked about Hartford (which was shortly after Baldwin began working on getting an AHL club) they implied that they would be willing to consider it, but it would not be without a new building…

    No big surprise in the grander scheme of things, but it’s doubtful a $50-100m ‘renovation’ would be enough to convince the NHL that Hartford deserves reconsideration.

  3. This is not the first time Malloy has made these statements:

    All he supposedly has are two unknown groups who have nothing who might get something are may bring it to Hartford. Then again they may bring it to any other place they may be talking to as well. In other words a bidding war.

    Of course Malloy could lose his re-election bid next year and then this will not matter at all.

  4. Just another installment of the “sucker of the day” serial, a minor league state/town trying to act as if
    they’re a player in the surreal world of big-time $ports.
    They were used by the NFL and abandoned by the NHL previously, now it’s time for politicians to help
    their friends by awarding them expensive “studies”
    when the outcome is already obvious.

  5. The ONLY way a team relocates back to Hartford is with a new arena. They can fix up the Civic Center all they want, but the fact remains that it’s akin to putting lipstick on a pig. IF they can get UConn on board (The Huskies men’s & women’s basketball teams already use the current arena & the hockey team that begins playing in Hockey East next season will as well I believe) then they MAY be able to move forward. There’s a fan base in place, strong youth, high school & college (2 teams from CT made the Frozen Four last season) programs in the area. I do believe that with a new arena it WOULD work, BUT do they want to risk building a new place with no guarantees? That my friends is the $64,000 question.

  6. The $35 million hasn’t been spent yet, that is supposedly going to happen starting this coming spring/summer after the AHL season is over. That said, this is mostly the Governor blowing smoke, until these groups become public, and we learn of their financial portfolios, this is most likely much ado about nothing. Again.