Bucks owner Kohl: Without new arena, somebody will move Bucks — you know, some guy

Milwaukee Bucks owner Herb Kohl stepped up his confusingly worded move threats again yesterday, saying that he was looking to add new investors in the team who would promise to keep it in Milwaukee, and also that without a new publicly funded arena the team will leave:

“I like to believe that bringing in new ownership … if it’s done in the right way, will reinvigorate the franchise and make our future in Milwaukee stronger and more secure,” he said…

“Without new investors and without a new facility, would we at some point lose the Bucks? Yes,” he said.

By “we,” of course, Kohl meant “you,” because he’d be the one actually taking the Bucks and leaving with them. But a threat sounds more sympathetic when you cast yourself as the victim rather than the hostage-taker, so it’s pin the blame on the passive voice time.

2 comments on “Bucks owner Kohl: Without new arena, somebody will move Bucks — you know, some guy

  1. What, I am not threatening to move the team, it might have to be done by owners who “will have to be equally committed to keeping the team in Milwaukee” but this is not a thinly veiled threat

  2. Herb is 78 w/ no heirs. He’s committed to keeping the Bucks in Milwaukee as long as he’s the owner but he also knows that he’s not going to live forever. Additionally, incoming commissioner Adam Silver assessed the arena’s viability earlier this year and declared that it wouldn’t have an NBA life past it’s current lease which runs through 2017 (I believe). So it’s less of a threat from Kohl himself and more of an inevitability that w/o an ownership succession plan in place (and, y’know, a new arena coming down the pipe) the Bucks WILL be moved by whoever takes over the team after his demise because of pressure from the league.