Miami county commission votes to open stadium talks with Beckham because ooooooh Beckham!

The Miami-Dade County Commission voted last night on authorizing Mayor Carlos Gimenez to negotiate with soccer-superstar-turned-would-be-MLS-franchise-owner David Beckham on a new stadium, and how did that go?

As Commissioner Juan C. Zapata put it from the dais: “Go, soccer! Go, MLS!”

Okay, then. Needless to say, the vote was unanimous, since everybody loves soccer when no one’s thought about how to pay for the stadium just yet. Just so long as it doesn’t involve actually going to see soccer, because Miamians hate that.

The commission’s resolution does require that the stadium be built without county funding (whether this includes tax breaks, the Miami Herald doesn’t say), and pay rent if it’s located on public land, so that’s something, though obviously there’s still a ton of leeway here for absolutely any kind of financing deal. And, let’s see, what else?

Gimenez, who has seen more detailed plans from Beckham and his investors, suggested it wouldn’t just be a stadium being built at the seaport but also a “public space” — including perhaps turning the old pedestrian bridge from the mainland into an elevated linear park of sorts, like Manhattan’s High Line.

“The view back to Miami is really spectacular, and very few people get to see that,” the mayor said.

Yeah, because nobody currently has the opportunity to walk across a … bridge that’s already been open to pedestrians for 20 years? Seriously, is name-checking the High Line just what every city official has to do now for any development project, like it’s the 21st century version of monorails?

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