Red Wings arena could face council vote tomorrow

Lots going on in Detroit this week around the proposed Red Wings arena:

  • The city council is meeting tomorrow to discuss the arena plan, and could even vote on it, though MLive reports that even after that it would still require “parking agreements, homeland security approvals and an OK from Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr.” (Homeland security approvals?)
  • Opponents to the arena plan — mostly downtown property owners who see the Red Wings’s arena district as a land grab — are meeting at 3 pm today to discuss how to fight the project.
  • Detroit city officials are apparently set to cut a deal on the overdue share of cable TV revenues that they say Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch owes them, going back to 1980: The city has previously said this could amount to $70 million, but other experts say it’s more like $10 million, and Ilitch says he don’t owe nuthin; since cable rights deals are so complicated that it’s nearly impossible to tell who’s paying what to whom, the city is apparently going to just send Ilitch a bill for $6 million and call it even.

3 comments on “Red Wings arena could face council vote tomorrow

  1. So Ilitch and the Red Wings have such crummy accountants that there’s no records of how much money they were given by cable companies. I’m sure those records will turn up if they support the team owing less than $6 million.

  2. I think it’s the opposite: They’re such good accountants that nobody can prove anything.

  3. “Homeland security approvals?”

    Due to the proximity to a border crossing? Although I wouldn’t be surprised if the Homeland Security folks now stick their noses into any plans for places where large numbers of people will gather.

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