Bill for crazy 100,000-seat D.C. stadium plan is crazy in excruciating detail

We’ve already covered D.C. councilmember Vincent Orange’s screwy idea for a 100,000-seat football stadium on the site of RFK Stadium, but I didn’t get a chance to read the actual bill when it came out shortly thereafter. Neighborhood commissioner Brian Flahaven did, though, and has published a blog post summing up the details of Orange’s proposal, or as the Washington City Paper calls it in their own blog item, “The 5 Strangest Parts of Vincent Orange’s RFK Stadium Plan.” These include:

  • Music venues honoring Marvin Gaye and Chuck Brown, plus “a District-themed sport store specializing in merchandise and apparel featuring national and international sports teams.”
  • “Two ‘nationally recognized’ department stores, two nationally recognized family restaurant chains, one nationally recognized chain bar or nightclub, one nationally recognized high end restaurant, one nationally recognized movie theatre, one independently owned restaurant and a beer garden,” writes Flahaven. “The bill is silent on whether the beer garden must be nationally recognized.”
  • A “hotel zone” with 1,000 rooms, a 24-hour spa, and “health conscious café open 7 days a week featuring juice and smoothies bar, organic foods and healthy eating options.” Plus another 200- to 300-room hotel in the indoor waterpark.
  • Did I forget to mention the indoor waterpark? With conference and meeting facilities? As Flahaven writes, “I’m not sure why you would build conference and meeting facilities in the waterpark and a pool facility in the hotel zone.”

There’s more — oh, so much more — but if you want to read about the golf course and the soundstage, you can read the bill for yourself at the bottom of the City Paper’s article. Suffice to say that I’m sorry I waited a month to read it, because it’s easily the craziest piece of legislation just authorizing a feasibility study I’ve ever seen — when a councilmember gets down to the level of detail where he specifies “private screening rooms capable of both 35mm and digital projection,” you have to wonder if he knows that this thing is never going to get built, and is just taking his one opportunity to pretend he’s Richie Rich.

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One comment on “Bill for crazy 100,000-seat D.C. stadium plan is crazy in excruciating detail

  1. See this is why local businesses hate grand development schemes. As pointed out all the prospective tenants are going to be “national” chains as opposed to being actual local vendors who atleast would use the money earned serving concessions to funnel back into other projects locally. While this cockamamie scheme will never get off the ground, it’s no different than other similar re-development schemes which attract national tenants into downtown areas at the cost of local businesses.

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