Bucks owner: Arena plan should work if we can threaten to move like Kings — wait, did I just say that?

I’ve wondered before about Milwaukee Bucks owner Herb Kohl’s bizarro move non-threats, but this latest one really takes the cake:

Kohl, in an interview with nba.com’s David Aldridge, said he is hoping for a deal similar to one led by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson for a new Sacramento Kings arena that will help keep the Kings in town. The city of Sacramento pledged $258 million of the estimated $448 million building, with the Kings paying the rest plus any cost overruns.

“Sacramento — that’s a model, almost half and half,” Kohl told Aldridge. “They were also helped by the drama with it all.”

First off, “let’s go halfsies” isn’t a model; actually figuring out how the public will pay for its half is a model. And given that Sacramento still hasn’t completely figured out how that will work for the Kings arena, they’re probably not the best model there.

Then there’s that “helped by the drama with it all,” which can seemingly only refer to the Kings’ threats to move to Seattle, which eventually coerced the city of Sacramento to approve an arena plan despite the shaky financing. Put it all together, and Kohl’s remarks translate to “This should go great if we can just get Milwaukee to agree to pay for half an arena whether or not it can afford it, and if we pretend we’re going to move the team in order to scare officials into approving subsidies.” Which is no doubt what he actually means, but you have to wonder if he knew he was saying it out loud.

5 comments on “Bucks owner: Arena plan should work if we can threaten to move like Kings — wait, did I just say that?

  1. Hansen has a 5 year agreement that’s up in 2017…. right when the Bucks’ lease expires. But it’s pretty rough when your former state senator sells a team to be moved. The guy’s just hoping someone really rich in WI dies (again) and wills another arena to the franchise ?

  2. Compare the financials for Milwaukee and Sacramento. Sacramento is much better off. No way that Milwaukee can afford this. And if they try to make the surrounding counties pay, they’ll end up in the same situation they had with Miller Park stadium.

  3. “They were also helped by the drama with it all.”
    Translated – “…you sports sheep will do anything to get me what I want…”.
    Way past time to shake your sports jones and grow up folks!

  4. I’m a fan of the NBA and my favorite team is the bucks so I think it would be a tragedy for WI and the WI fans if they leave because WI fans are so loyal to the the teams here and it would be disheartening because WI deserves a NBA team. They have some young talent they just need to put the pieces together. Go Bucks! And do right thing NBA and keep a team in WI!!