Charlotte Observer now serving as Panthers’ p.r. department on city-funded stadium upgrades

The Carolina Panthers have announced what they plan to do with the $87.5 million the city of Charlotte gave them last year for stadium renovations, and in one of the most egregious cases of stenography journalism in a long while, the Charlotte Observer chose to cover this by running a Storify consisting entirely of tweets from the team like this one:

But seriously, the Observer has to have covered this with a real news story, right? Okay, here’s one, and it consists of … just a summation of what the Panthers said, with the only quotes coming from team president Danny Morrison. (Though at least it does mention that the renovations are being paid for mostly by the city.) Not that this calls for a major investigation — the story today is the details of the renovation plans, not the funding plan — but it would be nice to give at least a hint of analysis of what the public is getting for its cash. Though really, who can put a price on the public benefit of seamlessly integrated escalators?

2 comments on “Charlotte Observer now serving as Panthers’ p.r. department on city-funded stadium upgrades

  1. Gets me every time. Why would the teams themselves spend money lobbying, when they can just get the local media to do it for them? There’s a Christian Bruey in every city.

  2. That is the purpose of today’s big city press–public relations arm for NFL owners. The Star Trib never let any of its columnists object to my stadium until after the deal was done. Guys who poo-pooed it for years actually wrote columns about how it was needed, then flipped back to their original doubting Thomas mode after it was all over.

    I tell you, owning newsmen and politicians is the easiest way to get the whole world moving on behalf of me!