Dolphins have new stadium reno plan — oh wait, no they actually don’t

Hey, so what’s going on with those Miami Dolphins stadium renovations that the Florida legislature declined to fund last spring, aside from team owner Stephen Ross trying to punish those who voted against him by running attack ads? Hello, Miami Herald headline!

Dolphins “working hard” on new approach for stadium redo

Ooh, there’s a new plan? What does it look like?

“We are having a lot of discussions about the best ways to get to that,” he told the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce during a panel discussion on the local sports industry. Afterward, Garfinkel told reporters: “We are working hard on trying to put together a timeline and a plan on how we can get this accomplished.”

He offered no specifics, and made his initial remarks in response to a question from the panel’s moderator, Jeff Bartel.

The Herald referred to this as “talk of a new stadium push.” I’d call it “licking your wounds and putting on a brave face when forced to answer a moderator’s question.” Potato, potahto, right?
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One comment on “Dolphins have new stadium reno plan — oh wait, no they actually don’t

  1. I’m confused… are they having discussions about a new renovation plan? Or are they having discussions about how to get to the point where they can have further discussions about… um… ok, wait. Now I really am confused…

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