MGM’s Vegas arena wins first round of approvals

The Clark County Board of Commissioners voted yesterday to give the go-ahead to a new 20,000 arena on the Vegas strip — no, not the one proposed by a former NBA benchwarmer, but the one proposed by MGM and AEG. Supposedly this is still going to be done with no public money, but given that the county and MGM still haven’t reached a development agreement — yesterday’s vote was just on use permits — we’ll see how all the fine print plays out.

Normally, I’d say something here about how building a $350 million arena with no pro sports team and all private money when you already own one is completely insane, but given that everything about Las Vegas is completely insane, it seems about fitting. They can probably make it back just by hosting 365 nights a year of shows by … who’s the 2014 equivalent of Celine Dion? Is Justin Bieber old enough for that yet?

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