49ers agree to share parking boodle with local lot owners, may avoid MNF ban

Remember how the San Francisco 49ers weren’t going to be able to play any weeknight home games because they didn’t have enough parking? Problem solved, says the San Jose Mercury News:

The Niners now are close to locking down 31,500 total parking spots within walking distance of 69,000-seat Levi’s Stadium by the time it opens in August. That’s a 50 percent jump from the plan voters approved years ago and a 66 percent increase over infamously jam-packed Candlestick Park.

That “close to” is a tad worrisome — it looks like the only source for this claim is the 49ers themselves — but if it can be believed, it sounds like the 49ers threw enough parking money around that local business owners (and a city-owned but privately operated golf course) decided it would be worth their while to set aside spots for football fans. So yay, capitalism works in this case, and the NFL schedule makers don’t have to jump through hoops. And 49ers fans only have to pay $40 for parking, which is I guess what football fans pay for parking these days? I’m starting to understand why they’d rather stay home and watch on TV.

12 comments on “49ers agree to share parking boodle with local lot owners, may avoid MNF ban

  1. The golf course parking is only for two years – the City has plans from two developers to build restaurants/hotel/office space/residential units on the golf course, which is an old municipal landfill.

    And the article doesn’t say that they plan on using parking spaces at the Great Mall, which is in Milpitas, miles away from Santa Clara. We must presume that shuttle buses will be provided. Where they think they’ll get 5000+ open spaces at the Great Mall shopping center wasn’t explained last night. The council agenda packet from last night doesn’t include the parking presentation, so there’s no way to link to the presentation figures, unfortunately.

  2. Figured it was a money issue more than any real objection to sharing parking spots. And I’m sure that estimate will be buoyed by lots who still opening independent of anything the Niners do. Parking won’t be a problem in terms of spaces, but I imagine the prices will still be well above the NFL average.

  3. Think the closest in parking spots for Jerry World are $100, and the shitty parking is $50. Sure there will be variations but for a metro area as expensive as the Bay, $40 would be “reasonable” relatively speaking.

  4. Milpitas isn’t walking distance, so unless the SC mayor is lying, that isn’t included in the 26,000 spots. Though I do appreciate the fact that the anti-stadium folks have become like the last doctors who thought that smoking was good for sore throats.

    For Cowboys Stadium it’s all about $20 parking on Randol Mill at one of the office parks. Walk isn’t bad and the getaway after the game is much easier.

  5. I paid only $20 at Jerry World (across a creek from the Rangers’ stadium) and while it was a bit of a hike, I missed most of the postgame congestion.

  6. This whole issue of “lack of parking” has always been about $$$ and not lack of available spaces. Give lots owners more $$$ then they jumped on board.

    At Candlestick Season Ticket holders pay $35 (parking pass) to park inside, while non parking pass holders park in adjacent dirt lots for $40, lots about a mile away are $25.

    If these announced spaces are controlled by the 49ers, they will be sold to Season Ticket holders for $40 (parking pass), non parking pass holders would probably pay $50 or more depending on proximity.

  7. Last time I went to a Seahawk game (2011) I believe the near stadium parking was $50, but being in an area where there is actually parking for weekday workers you could find some not too far away for $20.
    $40 is actually (sadly) reasonable, given the market.

  8. Aren’t the now famously failing Yankees parking garages across from the stadium charging about $50 these days? I seem to recall seeing a sign in a vacant parking lot listing the price to park as $42 + $6 in unspecified service fees…

    Really? Service fees for parking? That would be like your communications provider tacking on an extra fee to cover the cost of the paper bill and postage… oh, wait…

  9. They think they’ve solved parking. Great. They still haven’t addressed, as you’ve pointed out, what happens when 60,000+ fans descend on Great America Parkway for night game. Traffic in the area in the evening is bad enough: 237 is gridlocked, great america and tasman slow as hell. I plan to be out of town if they ever host a Monday or Thursday night game.

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