Anaheim still has no clue how much land it wants to give Angels is worth

If you’ve been following the controversy over the Los Angeles Angels‘ stadium lease controversy, you’ll recall that the key dispute is over the value of the development rights that Anaheim would be granting to the team: estimates are anywhere from $30 to $380 million, which is kind of a big difference when you’re talking about  $150 million in renovations that the Angels would putting in as their part of the deal. So, how’s that calculation going, Voice of OC?

When Anaheim officials unveiled new stadium lease negotiations for the Angels last September, one of the biggest open questions facing taxpayers was the value of 155 acres of city land being traded for a $1-per-year lease.

Nearly six months later, city officials still can’t answer that question.

Alrighty, then!

The latest non-report comes in the wake of comments Tuesday by city sports venue manager Tom Morton, who said that an appraisal commissioner in November is underway, and should be ready in March — though according to the Voice of OC, he added that “it will be up to the City Council to decide whether to make it public.” Hopefully they’ll do so before actually voting on the deal, but maybe they think they can don’t have to if they can only avoid all being in the same room.

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