Watch the Metrodome roof deflate on Saturday, you know you wanna

That whole thing about the lawsuit that’s keeping Minnesota from selling Vikings stadium bonds notwithstanding, the team’s old Metrodome home is still being dismantled, with the seats ripped out and the turf pulled up so far. Next up tomorrow morning is deflating the roof, and you can watch it via the Vikings website right here. Though right now it appears to be a still photo, so tough to say what you’ll see tomorrow, let alone when (they haven’t set a deflation time yet).

Either way, it’s never going to be as awesome as this, so let’s just watch that again.

5 comments on “Watch the Metrodome roof deflate on Saturday, you know you wanna

  1. So, this seems like as good of a place as any to ask… Anybody populating the comments here actually in Minnesota? Got a question for you.

  2. Two and a half minute timelapse with both interior and exterior shots. A lot less dramatic than the other deflations.

  3. The HHH Metrodome deserves more love than it gets. It included a good color scheme, enough seats for each sport, suitable dimensions for baseball, fewer obstructed views than classic ballparks held, and better sight lines than
    previous multisport stadiums featured.

    Plus, the Twins’ second home was not at fault for its cheap design (human beings were!). Any person’s mockery of this landmark stinks!!!!

    Lastly, parking spots would have been harder to find if economic development in Downtown East had been more plentiful. Zip code 55415 is one example of when additional open space is good!!