Vikings e-pulltabs plan hit with lawsuit, now officially complete disaster

Minnesota’s beleaguered e-pulltab gambling scheme has hit yet another bump in the road, this one a lawsuit charging that the maker of the games failed to get a license from Apple to run them on iPads. Which led to this hilarious lede on the Minnesota Public Radio website:

A dispute over licensing the iPads used in Minnesota’s most popular electronic pulltab games has brought roll out of the devices to a halt, at least temporarily.

All together now: How can you tell?

MPR also suggests that this could cause problems for the Vikings‘ stadium financing deal, but given that the state pretty much already threw up its hands and decided to use other tax money to pay off the Vikings stadium, it probably won’t matter much. If the games are shut down, though (currently they’re under a restraining order allowing them to remain in operation), patrons of Knucklehead’s may have to find something else to do to pass the time for a while.

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