Hey, it’s a dog-bites-man story that isn’t from Sochi!

Oh, Mike Florio, what have you written now?

With cities suddenly less relucntant to cough up the cash, the looming effort to build the next generation of stadiums could be aided by the promise of a Super Bowl.

Right, because that never happens currently.

I can only assume that Florio was stuck for a column idea on a boring Friday (the Super Bowl is too far in the past to recap, and somebody else already covered the Olympic cross-country skiing stray barking dog story), and dug into the back of his desk drawer for an old story idea he stopped working on in about 1993. To be fair, he seems to be implying that the success of the New Jersey Super Bowl (it didn’t snow, and people only got stuck changing trains for two hours!) will lead more cold-weather teams seeking stadiums to dangle a Super Bowl as a carrot, but the only cold-weather NFL teams without new or newly renovated stadiums are … hmm. Buffalo, I guess, but they’re about to get a pile of renovation money from the state. Does St. Louis count as “cold-weather”? Washington? And haven’t team owners been using this promise anyway, but using it as  additional leverage to try to pry loose a roof as well? How are poor NFL owners going to get their retractable roofs now, huh, Mike Florio? There, I just wrote next Friday’s column for you. No charge.

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6 comments on “Hey, it’s a dog-bites-man story that isn’t from Sochi!

  1. In Seattle we built a stadium that was completed by 2002 and nobody brought the Superbowl here. You don’t even need to worry too much about snow, just rain.


  2. Well, I can’t wait until the SB comes to Santa Clara and causes $900M in economic activity! It’ll pay for itself in one weekend!

  3. In 2002, Chefjoe?? That stadium has to be like really ancient if we’re going by dog years. Time for Seattle and the state of Washington to shell out a billion dollars for a new one!

  4. @Kei, give it time…. Supposedly our forward thinking legislators have planned for the admissions tax rate collected to jump from 3.1% to 10% when all the other bonds are paid off. Which would be about $5.5 million a year designated for maintenance. Certainly that’s not enough money to do any real remodels with.

  5. I only wish I could live forever, because that’s how long we’ll be extorting stadium cash from the gullible public. It’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

  6. Oh, goody, a Super Bowl!

    Certainly here in Detroit we were assured that having a Super Bowl would be wonderful and would bring three hundred million dollars…or fifty million dollars…or a hundred million dollars…well, something… Also, people would see that Detroit could put on a good show and rush to invest in the city or move businesses here.

    I can’t say there wasn’t any long term benefit from the Super Bowl; I can say I haven’t seen any and the local media seem oddly incurious about delving into the subject

    As to what people would think when they saw a great party, I checked a few foreign and US newspaper web sites. The consensus was: Great party. Nice people. The city’s a pit.

    But gee, to have a Super Bowl–worth a lot of public money, isn’t it?

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